Food! And other happinesses

Look who's coming to dinner! 
Soren has decided real food is GREAT. Unfortunately, he still has no teeth and can't actually chew anything. So we do what we can, giving him raw veggies and baby biscuits and letting him gnaw to his heart's content.
I think the poor fella is teething something fierce; he's also taken to gnawing on a binkie, a blanky, and his thumb, when all else fails. 
Never sucking though! In the picture above, he was blowing out, making "pppbblllll!!!!!" noises.
Teeth, appear soon!

Speaking of the sweet boy, you'll never guess what but he's sleeping better.  Last week, sometime after I wrote my depressing "my baby will never sleep through the night" post, we had a middle-of-the-night where I couldn't help him, no matter what I tried.  So, I kissed him goodnight and laid him in his bed and the "cry it out" method began.  And although it was a bit rough the first few nights, it wasn't nearly as terrible or drawn out as I feared, and he has since stretched his nighttime sleeping to 8-10 hours IN A ROW, thank heavens! Did somebody say thank heavens!? Thank heavens! No more 1:30am feeding, it's a miracle.

Specifics? I don't feed him after I've put him to bed until at least 5am. I used to think 5am was too early to be called morning (despite having many friends who claim to enjoy that hour!)--now, I cheer when I look at the clock and we've made it that far. Perspective is everything in life, no?
Ironically, I still haven't actually gotten 8-10 continuous hours myself yet, thanks to my other children and my own going-to-sleep-too-late problems. It's a possibility now though, which is glorious news.

I may even find my mind, people. You know, the one I've lost? I'm not promising anything, but it's been an encouraging week.
Anyway, moving on: other highlights this week included taking the hard top off the cruiser. Brandon was confident it was getting warm enough outside, then we had our coldest day of the winter the very next day. I made Zane put on his winter coat for this drive, only to find out he'd decided against socks! I can't win!

I also showed off my superior domestic skills for someone's birthday. It's difficult to even post this picture. Shudder.

Here's another for the records: phase two of my insane bulk-nut-and-seed purchase earlier this year. Homemade trail mix! Luckily Brandon takes these to work. Otherwise, I'd be in trouble/heaven.

Annie keeps being her awesome Annie self.  "Valens-times" day was great fun at preschool with a pajama party (conveniently for PeeWee Penguin week). She also appears to be getting better at sounding out simple words around the house. M-O-M spells mom, M-U-D spells mud, P-O-O-P spells, well I'll let you figure that one out.

Tonight while passing her bedroom, after we'd fully tucked her in and said goodnight, I saw that she was up putting all her "babies" to bed properly before actually getting to bed herself.  She has at least 17 children and treats them all like gold. I  have much to learn from  her.

As for Zane, it's normal to practice piano like this, right? Who's this kid's teacher and does she know about this ridiculous playing technique? Whatever works, folks.
What a week!


wyomingmom said…
Annie's secret is that her babies sleep all night.