Comings and goings

Or in other words, flip flops and full body bear suits, depending on the day. The weather this month has been really unpredictable! Saturday, rain and cold, snow threatening; Sunday, warm and balmy; Yesterday, more rain (lots of it); today, blue skies, normal cool to start things out, and now back to flip flops.
Can it just be 70 degrees all the time again already? Florida spoiled me.
Last week, Zane participated in a "black history month wax museum" at school.  Each child found a notable figure from the past (Zane may or may not have been thankful for "all the wonderful black people" in his prayers, bless his heart, "so we could celebrate black history month"), learned about them, made posters showcasing them, then dressed up as them for the museum open house.
Zane wanted to be Darth Vader. Or at least the voice thereof. His teacher said no.
So he moved on to Jackie Robinson, thanks to his pops.
I went out looking for a costume the weekend before, and came home what I thought was triumphant with a plain red ball cap from the thrift store. "Look, it's a baseball cap! It will do, right?"
Brandon shuddered inwardly I think but didn't say anything. It wasn't until I was talking with my parents later that I learned the Brooklyn Dodgers colors were blue and white, maybe gray in a pinch, but most certainly NOT red. 
Oh that Brandon is nice to me.
My mom came to the rescue (as always), sneaking out to a certain best-thrift-store-of-all-time that same afternoon and finding a boys medium blue t-shirt with "DODGERS" written across the front. 
It arrived in the mail two days later. We were saved.
Brandon nodded approvingly and Zane said, "That Gigi is like a magician!"
Here is the wax statue now, in between Whitney Houston and Derek Jeter.
The real model of wax stillness though was this doctor fellow on the left in the above right picture.  I don't have a clue who his person was, but could he ever stand still. Wowza.
I am not often proud of my cooking endeavors, but thought I should share phase three of my bulk nut addiction: granola.
I've tried a bunch of recipes since moving here and have found I like this one from Powerfoods best (I shared that link because I don't know if it's okay to reproduce the recipe on this blog). At the end of year, when I look back on any achievements I may have made, I will include "making my own granola" to the very small list.
I'm finding that my photo editing time has been reduced to "none" these last few months.  It's just 1000 times easier to post directly from phone to blog. Forgive me. Maybe there's a photo editing app? 
Anyway, these shirts accompanied the Dodgers one. I supplied the children.

Speaking of children, every time Soren smiles, I want to record it forever. 
It's cool.
Annie finally had her 5 year old well child checkup yesterday. She's all set shot-wise for Kindergarten, but I knew a hemoglobin finger poke was going to make an appearance. I warned her about it, hoping that would soften the blow. And I think it did, except it also made her freaked out about every preceding step at the nurse's station.  After the under-the-tongue temperature check, while the nurse was recording data, Annie mouthed to me, "Was that the POKE!?" Sorry lady, not yet.
When the poke DID happen, she was brave as can be until the nurse left. Then her eyes welled up with tears and she said, "Daddy did NOT tell the truth, that did NOT feel like a marshmallow!" 
Oh, sweet girl.  86% percentile for height, 75% for weight. Maybe she'll have a long neck like her aunt Emily!
This next picture, taken on Sunday afternoon during the balmy weather, could be entitled:
"child labor" (he's pushing at least his weight in siblings up the hill)
or perhaps
"we have style" 
(what, black ankle socks with white shoes aren't cool?)
Our hydrangea bush has started to bud and bloom. This camera phone is in cahoots with my other camera, bringing into focus the wrong thing always. It's cool. Can't wait for the bush to go crazy.
Soren's head is still unusually large.
Here's a shout out to our old, happy life. We {heart} Corry Village (especially since we don't have to live there anymore and it can just be happy memories now).
Uh-oh, more smiling Soren pics:
"Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug!"


Kjerstin said…
Yep, we'll be friends quote Tommy Boy on your blog! :) And, I'm with you, I'd record every smile that baby makes, too! He's beautiful, as are you and the rest of your clan. (P.S. I think Darth Vader would have been perfect!)
gaylene said…
Corry misses you too. (and it misses me, a little, but I still get to see it sometimes.)