Sometimes you do crazy things for your family

Like take pictures in a blizzard, for example.

Yeah, you thought we were crazy two posts ago with B's family in the cold outside.
Well, we wanted to take it up another notch.  
So we packed up our kiddies, drove to the place my dad likes to ICE FISH, and busted out some family memories.
In the picture below, I had just swiped the beanie off Brandon's head--silly guy had forgotten to take it off, I can't imagine why!
By the time a few full family shots had been snapped, the snow was coming down quite heavily. 
Pay it no mind! we said.  Children, stop crying and smile! we said.
They are good little soldiers.
 When finished, we hopped in the cars, bundled up in blankets, and drove home with the heaters blasting.  Just as we pulled into the driveway, the snow stopped.
Best family pictures ever!


Crystal said…
Love the pictures!!
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the pictures, the family, the snow. Awesome :)
gaylene said…
the pictures are amazing, and the snow adds to it. Your commentary made it even better :)
We tried that last year. Except with no snow, just freezing weather and wind! The trick was to try to look like you weren't freezing to death :)

Cute pictures of a fun family!!
Maria said…
I absolutely LOVE these pictures! You look beautiful! All of you! And I love how your dad's legs are lifted off the ground to hold the grandbabies! :)