I am unique and yes that means crazy

I was digging around in some childhood boxes, half organizing, half reminiscing (but mostly trying to find something to show Zane how 2nd graders write/draw so he would quit being so hard on himself), and I found this, um, gem:
Wow, 4th grade Michelle. I mean, wow.

I've had a unique week. And when I mean unique, I mean ugly unique like that picture up there. :) (Sorry mom! I know you don't like it when I call my 4th grade self ugly! Even if it's the truth!)

It started last Saturday night when I went grocery shopping at bedtime. I was exhausted, but still filed aimlessly around Bi-Lo for awhile, getting roughly $100 in goods, then realizing at the check out line that I'd FORGOTTEN MY WALLET AT HOME.
Heavens.  I asked them to hold it all, which they did, thank heavens for small towns, and when I got back 11 minutes later, the gal said, "Don't worry, we just saved the buggy in the keg closet!"
Thank heavens for the keg closet!
(Side note: ever heard the grocery cart be called the "buggy?")
Anyway, I am unique.
Moving along.

For awhile now, I've had this great idea that I could pick out a beautiful, comfortable, fabulous rug for our living room.  Baby cakes (below) is almost sitting now, which means being mobile is on the horizon and I wanted to give some relief to his knees.  

Problem: rugs cost money. Especially area rugs. And I don't actually know how to spend money.
So I searched online for days (months) looking at styles and prices. I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to GET ONE last weekend. Which actually was probably why I was so exhausted by the time it was Saturday night and I was grocery shopping.
Anyway, enter rug #1:
It was steely blue and dreamy, remember? But in real life, it was a little more BLUE than steely and quite dark and even a little narrow for the space, can you see it? 6.5 x 10 really needed to be 8 x 10.
More hemming and hawing.  Had to call a few people for moral support, then finally was able to load it back in my car and take it back. But of course I couldn't wait until Brandon came home.  Or until the next morning when I wouldn't be pushed for time (we had cub scouts that night). Nope, we had to go right THEN! Shove the kids in the car, SHOVE the rug around them, head off, return rug, buy rug #2:
It still had the "steely" in it from the original steely blue, which is what I wanted.  Bought it, threw it in the car, buckled in the kids, remembered the baby needed to eat, pulled him out of his seat, didn't want to sit down on my cell phone (you know the one I've had for 6 weeks now), so pulled it out of my back pocket, it slipped, it CRASHED, DEENA! 
Screen shattered. Glass shards poking out. 
Feeling extra unique, I marched into the Verizon store nearby and was told there was nothing to be done. I was directed to a cell phone repair shop down the street.  I may or may not have cried on the way there (I hate spending money!), wiping my eyes with the fingers that had been trying to slide across the glass shards. Unique idea, Michelle. 
The repair guys were nice.  Come back tomorrow, they said. It will be fixed. Bring money.
I drove home. 
It wasn't a good night.  At one point Annie said to Brandon, "Let's roll out this carpet for mom so she can just be in her room and cry away." At that point, it was the glass shard in my eye, I promise.
Poor rug #2.  It looked like mud.
You may or may not have been able to tell me that by the picture, huh? Try not to rub it in.
The next day, it got rolled up and returned, just like that.  Luckily I didn't have my phone with me, so I couldn't break the screen again.
When I got back to the shop, the cell phone dudes didn't have the phone ready yet (unique!), so I drove further up the town's main drag, looking for another rug option.
I found rug #3:
(By the way, have I mentioned the shampoo chair? Far right, 5 bucks from the thrift store. It's like being at a salon, except instead you're in my living room.  Unique.)
Oh, I liked rug #3. More dense than the previous ones, 8 x 10. Just the same colors as that pillow I love up on the green couch, etc. We've had rug #3 for four days now.  But guess what? It sheds.  Sheds like you wouldn't believe.  Rug experts, what does that mean, dare I ask? As in, how much shedding is "normal?" We are making/throwing snowballs with ours, is that a problem? 
Thank you for listening to my story.
I'm not sure rug #3 is going to stay. I HOPE it does, but seriously.
Oh and in case you were worried, my phone is now fully encased in an "otterbox." Hooray for things I never knew existed until now I do. 
It also tried to snow this week:

But not until after we found daffodils on our walk last weekend:
Good thing those babies are so hardy--can you see the clumps and clumps in the background? Can't wait.
Also notable last week: Zane started fulfilling his destiny by joining the town's swim team. Annie took this picture, so it must have been before the broken phone. It does not have Zane in it, but it is proof that we started.  I believe I will spend many hours in that room. :)
Good news for me: some other "unique" things in this world are actually also cool and not just crazy.  Like sunsets:

That's where we'll end today. :)


wyomingmom said…
Have you considered soccer knee pads? Only if you don't get to keep rug #3, which is really pretty. Some unique days are great - keep trying.
wyomingmom said…
Have you considered soccer knee pads? Only if you don't get to keep rug #3, which is really pretty. Some unique days are great - keep trying.
walt or jean said…
You were the most beautiful girl in the ward, school, and neighborhood, and the rest of your dad's universe. And still are.
Kjerstin said…
And that's why we're friends...we're so unique. Only you're the unique that really means cool, and I just try to be like you :)

Yes, rugs shed. We had a red one that would fill our vacuum canister the first year we had it. The one we have now leaves hairballs all over. The good news is, once you really vacuum them 14,000 times the shedding stops. And your third one is GORGEOUS!!!

And your dad is a wise man...you're wonderful and beautiful.
gaylene said…
You haven't seen MY 4th grade pictures, have you. :)
I'm sorry for your crazy week, but thanks for sharing your unique-ness with us! And I'm not a rug expert, but it does seem like lots of rugs shed for a long time. Just keep vacuuming it and see if that helps?