Happy new year and old year and half year thoughts.

Just wanted to take a minute and say happy, happy new year. 2012 was really incredible, bringing me most importantly this beautiful little fellow. He has been such a sweet addition to our flock. He is six months old now and every day brings new adventures, new joys. He rolls over! No more bundling for bedtime, if I do the poor fellow flips to his belly and is like an arched-back fish out of water. So instead I lay him down with his blanky now just at his fingertips, and he rubs his eyes with it and sucks on it a bit, and then, like a miracle, turns his head and sleeps. Only since we've been home too, so just a few days, and really, only at moments of perfect sleepiness. Still, perhaps the end to the walking and bouncing is in sight?
Soren smiles and laughs and sogs anything he can get his hands on. He is still just under 20 pounds and only gave two "how could you do this to me?" shrieks at the dr Monday when they immunized him. He lives for when other people catch his gazes, then rewards them with his big, dimply grin. He grins with his whole heart and soul-- something I hope never changes.
This little buddy is a dream. My dream. Love you Soren boy!
As for REAL new year talks (with resolutions and how they this year have already left me with feelings of doomsday) (like that donut I had for breakfast yesterday), they will have to wait. For now, I will leave with a big kid conversation from last night:
Zane: Annie, I am sorry I lost my temper.
Annie: You're sorry you lost my temple?!

Oh, and the best line from 2012, said in an epiphany last month.
Annie: Mom, you are so right...about everything!


gaylene said…
I can't believe he's six months old already! There's no way it's been that long...

And your kid quotes made me laugh :)