Catching up

Here are some snippets from our last couple of weeks (with accompanying phone pics):
Annie told me, "Mom, I have FINALLY figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Finally! 
You want to know what, mom?
 It's a COLOR maker. You know, someone who makes, like, colors." 
Although I wish this meant 'artist,' I think it means 'crayon manufacturer.' To each her own, right?
Soren has started eating solid foods. And I am feeling great about myself because I have been mashing my own bananas for the occasion. And food processing pears. But then once I needed something and was out of bananas and pears, so I went for the store-bought-and-individual-serving-sized applesauce. So I'm not actually that great. But I tried for a solid week and a half to make my own.  Baby steps.
Anyway, Soren's an eating machine. Tonight he ate an entire banana! Good night!
(Feed me!)
I went a little crazy earlier this month and bought bulk nuts, seeds, and fruit online (bulk sizes=cheaper prices). When it was all stacked up on the kitchen counter, I started to feel a little sheepish. Seriously, who needs this much of anything, even a good thing? 
THEN I remembered: I'm a Mormon! And you know what this looks like all the sudden? FOOD STORAGE, PEOPLE!
And not only that, it's food I will actually eat. Year supply of trail mix, check. :) 
Come over, I'll feed you pumpkin seeds.
B was out of town this past week.  Oh, we suffer when he's gone. Even when I try my best, it just doesn't quite cut it.  
One night at the dinner table (bananas!), Soren got fussy so I picked him up.  Annie is into asking why I do everything I do these days, so she said, "Why did you pick up Soren, mom?" 
I replied, "Well, because he was upset and I knew picking him up would make him happier.  That's what moms are for, you know, to make their kids happy."
From across the table, Zane, deadpan, says, "Too bad they fail most of the time."
Well put, Zane.  Welcome home, Brandon.
I think the secret to his success is the bear pants, no?
Yesterday was the last day we spent rugless in the living room. We finally found a happy one; it's steely blue and oh-so-comfy. 
Come over, I'll give you pumpkin seeds to eat while making carpet angels with us.
While B was gone, we started on a new piano philosophy.  Ten minutes a day, 2-5 with mom, 5-8 without, one book per kid, lots of review, new pages when we're ready.  So far, so good.  I'm hoping consistency will win out and the kids will become prodigies.  Or at the very least, they will get out of the preparatory level books.  And let's face it, I'm hoping Annie will feel confident at something other than "Old McDonald" someday.
A sweet picture to end with, I think. Note the new (used) chest of drawers behind them.  It is for shoes, winter gear, a junk drawer, and if you can believe it, a drawer for BRANDON.  For his keys and stuff.  First time in 11 years he's had his own drawer.  He is thrilled.


Tina said…
Love the new rug! Did you buy any more for other rooms?
Kjerstin said…
Love everything about this post...I just need some links so I can steal your trail mix/food storage idea! :) And, I LOVE the dresser!
Jenneka said…
Lincoln is always asking me why I do what I do too! It was cute at first, but it's starting to drive me a little crazy. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only mom trying to come up with explanations that seem like they should be obvious.

Good work on the food storage... reading your post made me crave trail-mix!
Ginger said…
Nice piano philosophy. We do about the same thing. Although I have Leah's normal books that I teach out of and then I give her a book a level below that has familiar tunes and let her have at it. She'll play through from beginning to end over and over....and it's not entirely bad playing. I figure its good for sightreading...and her enjoyment too I guess.