Present secrets

The others were super sneaky about my birthday present this year. Bought it during an outing last week when I was at home. Hid it from me, whispered in hushed tones about it. Tonight it was time to wrap it and Annie especially was bent on making sure I wouldn't peek. "We're in your ROOM mom. Whatever you do, don't come in, this is imPORTant mom." They needed scissors and tape. I supplied them with scissors and tape, FAR AWAY from the bedroom. There were voices and rustling for a few minutes, then Annie passed back by me, returning the scissors and tape. Deed done, secret kept.
On her way by, Annie
asked casually, "So Mom, were you needing a pizza cutter lately?"
You'll never guess what I received for my birthday.
Picture tonight is of us making chocolate sugar cookies, via Annie was born for activities like this. She let me show her the technique once, then was off for the races. (Off TO the races? My brain is off to the races as well, it seems.) happiness for me. Love that girl.


Jenneka said…
From another mom whose brain is off to the races: Happy Birthday!!!
Robert said…
Let me guess...a rolling pin.
Kjerstin said…
Love, love, love everything about this post!!