December funnies part one

We seem to have a recurring problem in this house. Gorilla glue here we come!

In other news, I accidentally baked pumpkinless pumpkin muffins this morning. Happy holidays, people.


Tina said…
"pumpkin-less pumpkin muffins..."
Thanks for giving me a long laugh this evening, payback I suppose for the funny I shared with you a few days ago.
"Hey Mom, can I try that?"
You're welcome. :)
Kjerstin said…
So you made spice muffins...on purpose for all we know! Sounds yummy to me :)
Jules said…
Ha! That sounds like something I would do! I'm sure they were delicious anyway!!
walt or jean said…
Next up: fruitless fruitcake!
Jenny said…
I'm sure the muffins were still delicious!

Would you mind emailing me your new address? It's time for Christmas cards!