December funnies, part two

Tonight we were reading from a "Spiritual Advent Calendar" I made one year in Relief Society. Zane pipes up, "But mom, this thing isn't right! Right here it says, 'God created the sun, moon, and stars.' But they didn't say anything about the science part! Like how God made the elements and the atmosphere, and used them to create those other things." 
We giggled at our budding scientist. Learn on, Zane, learn on. 
Speaking of astronomy, in the car earlier tonight Annie asked Brandon, "Pops, when you go to all those other planets, why do you always bring us home treats?" Planets? She's on to those geeky engineers! At least he remembers the treats!
And finally, tonight whenever Brandon came close to Soren, the little dude would giggle and laugh. Brandon said, "It's as if he looks at me and says, 'Who's this clown?'" Laugh on, Soren. :)

We love our children. 


gaylene said…
my dad never brought home treats when he visited other planets. :(

But Chris sometimes does!
wyomingmom said…
Totally made my day!