Annie Gannie Jannie Mannie Pannie

Annie (who loves to think up multiple rhyming words for her name lately) has had a few blog worthy moments this last week. Some GREAT, some TERRIBLE. I'm just saying. I got a new phone and have been (and will probably forever more be) lazily using the camera on there to record the moments. 

Annie's preschool has a tradition of making snow houses (think gingerbread houses except with milk cartons and vanilla frosting, brilliant) in December. Her dad joined her last Friday morning for a special hour together, dreaming up and decorating. 
Brandon promised they weren't TRYING to make it look like a frat house, but "A" for Annie + the door frame beg to differ.
Zane can't stop thinking about ALL THAT CANDY and Annie never wants it touched, ever. Apparently the teachers forgot to tell her eating is half the fun! 

This week Annie also decided to give herself a haircut. I never knew how attached I was to her hair until I found it lying on the bathroom floor.
Can you say, "Mom, I need a little more attention"? I get the message Annie! Spare the rest of those lovely locks, please!
She couldn't do it in an inconspicuous place either, oh no:
Sigh. Thank heavens we see Hayley in a few weeks for a haircut.
And thank heavens it will still go up in a bun. Dance recital dress rehearsal today:
Home movies of said dance recital next time! Be warned, she's adorable!


Lucky Day said…
It's amazing you made it this long with no self-cut hairdo. And most kids grab the bangs, it's in the front, they can see it. Super lucky. : )
Kjerstin said…
Oh my gosh...that last pic...she's gorgeous! Like, grown up, dancer in a tutu, serious face gorgeous! Dallas cut his hair once, too. Okay, okay, it's not the same. I just shaved his head, it's a little more traumatic with all that blond on the floor!