Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

What a fantastically chill weekend we had! Lindsey made the weekend special just by being there, Brandon closed his work laptop for a few days, and Zane ate 11 slices of pie Thursday morning at a great get-together.

And now on to the table! We started a new "Thanksgiving in SC" tradition with pulled pork on ciabatta bread and sweet potato fries. Green beans and pineapple rounded out the happiness, and pie for dessert. And we used the good china. Second time in 11 years. But not the glasses. We're not that crazy.
Gotta love the bbq sauce in the gravy bowl.

After dinner on Thursday we went on a happy walk around the neighborhood. Brandon also ran into our neighbor's mailbox with his cruiser, but who wants to hear that story when you can look at more beautiful fall leaves? 
 Like this late bloomer, for instance:
Sigh. Bliss.
 Saturday we did another great walk around campus, soaking in the great weather and intense tailgating. Oh, and Friday I bought skinny jeans. The rest is history.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Everyone needs a little "Lindsey" in their lives. Thanks so much for coming, lady!


gaylene said…
skinny jeans! I don't think my mom body could pull those off anymore :)

your thanksgiving looked tasty and wonderful. I'll take pulled pork any day over turkey.