Last weekend we finally busted out the rake and got some leaves piled together.
And by "some leaves" I mean 5 gazillion leaves, in the backyard alone. First, B made a huge pile at the bottom of the hill with about half a yard's worth. The kids jumped in them, then swam in them, they were so plentiful. Later, Zane let us all know that leaves are only cool until they're crawling down your back--then they just plain itch!
(Gotta love the bike helmet. That was the pre-raking-and-jumping activity.)

More beautiful trees were found by looking up. Look up! I need a t-shirt.

The second shift of leaf raking, done to the other half of the lawn, was moved upwards to the top of the hill for the following photo-angle:

Lastly, we moved the bottom-of-the-hill pile up to the top of the hill, because I'd heard you shouldn't let your lawn be covered. I know nothing, and am usually wrong, but Brandon is a champ and listened to me anyway. 
We almost had the kids take a picture of us jumping. But we were too tired after all that raking. 
We raked and raked and raked and raked and by the end, I was proud of how nice it all looked. 
24 hours later? 
Couldn't tell we'd done a thing. 
It's cool.
I don't remember experiencing a fall quite like this before. It's like storybook "autumn" in our new home and the leaves are a big part of that magic. The colors, the SHEER MASS, the crunchiness, the itchiness. The fact that one can be out in short sleeves enjoying it all (as long as one stays in the sunshine). Oo, and we even uncovered a friendly little snake underneath a pile of leaves on the top concrete step up there. Cool. Unless you're Brandon. Then the word is, "EEEEK!!"

I always thought I liked fall but now I KNOW I do. Now just don't get any colder, you hear me, SC?
Go jump in the leaf pile! I need another t-shirt.


walt or jean said…
Zane may be in training for the next Olympics. That is some serious air under those legs. Also,good jumping Annie.
Lucky Day said…
In Virginia nobody raked leaves until the orange signs went up. That told us when the leaf collection trucks were coming. So everyone would rake the leaves down to edge of the road and spend a few days jumping and burrowing in the ditches, hoping a car wouldn't accidentally come and park on top of you.