Halloween 2012

 Our first installment of Halloween was last weekend after the fall festival. Annie busted out my little sister's old Blues Clues costume for the ward party and chili cook-off. That costume is 12 years old and still going strong.
She insisted we carve the teeny weeny pumpkin she received on a preschool field trip last week. This girl will not let me out of things like this. We might actually start a few traditions, thanks to her.

I was thankful that at the schools here keep Halloween itself pretty low key. The preschool let the kids bring in (not wear) their costumes on Monday. Annie decided to bring in her princess Leia costume from last year to show, and after that she HAD to wear Leia trick-or-treating. Something about not lying to her teachers. Too honest for her own good.

The downtown here offers an afternoon trick-or-treating option. As Annie is still scared to tears of all things dark and scary things, we knew this would be our best option. I decided to walk the kids, mostly so I could take pictures of my two favorite trees in the neighborhood.

The most life-maddening-but-blog-worthy moment of the day was when we first got to downtown and Zane realized he'd dropped his trick or treat bag on the way. This probably doesn't sound like it should have driven me so crazy, except my son is the KING of forgetfulness and distractedness right now. And the way out of our neighborhood was filled with him wandering, jumping, meandering, hiding, ninja-ing, walking in the street right in front of cars, etc. The dang bag could have been anywhere. Thank you, happy blog, for being the only good thing I could think about as we were doubling back to find it. And find it we did, about 2/3s of the way home. First thing Zane did? Twirled it round and round his finger, dropping it once, then again and again. "Maybe I won't do that anymore," he said sheepishly. Turkey pants boy.

Anyway, we finally got out of the neighborhood, Brandon met us downtown on his bike, and so commenced the sloooowww waltz of downtown candy getting. 

You know how some people look like their dogs? Our town tiger has everything and everyone looking a little on the ORANGE side of things (including us with our orange BOB).

Downtown option = much success. We came home, ate stir fry, and watched Phineas and Ferb for the rest of the evening.

Halloween 2012, check.

Oh and for those of you who wondered about our third child:
(When asked what he was for Halloween, he said, "Cold." Or maybe NOT cold, as the case may be. Sign me up for one of those hats!)


Ann Marie said…
It could have been worse. Brandon could have worn his chicken hat:) Sounds like a great Halloween.
gaylene said…
Funny zane and honest annie. Did she want to be blue because of the paw prints everywhere? so cute.