Four Months

Our baby is four months old. 
Such a beauty.
I wish I had it in me to write him an ode of sorts. Instead, I'll just use this post as an excuse to put up some random pictures I've taken lately.
In the last few weeks, he's started reaching for things:

He also does this funny thing with his tongue, where just the bottom third or so flips up and almost flicks things. I tried to capture it, failed, am posting anyway:

He's talking more, smiling more, complaining more, wiggling more, etc etc. He slobs my shoulders as we bounce bounce bounce to get to sleep. Oh how I love those soggy shoulders. I think, though, 4 months might be remembered as the time when I finally, finally, finally let him cry himself sleepy. I've tried it a few times and turns out letting him cry for about 10 minutes really accelerates the "bounce-to sleep" process. We'll see. Remember  how hard tummy time is for me? I am not a fan of making my baby do hard things.
We love love love love love this little boy. The end.


Ann Marie said…
Love the pictures of your beautiful child. I am going to try to print one. Wish me luck.
Megan Cook said…
He is a beautiful baby! So cute
megfutbol said…
What a cutie! Wish that we had gotten to meet him....but maybe one day soon....(soon being in the next 12 months at which point he'll probably be running around) Loved the last post about aggravatingly absentminded 8 year've got one too?!
Jules said…
He is SO beautiful Michelle! And I say that in the manliest way that a baby can be possible..I don't think that made any sense, but you get the idea! (I hope).