Diving head first into cub scouts

So, it has begun. Zane turned eight, signed up with a great little cub scout troop from school, and we're off.
First pack meeting out of the chute? Rain gutter regatta.
Zane and his pops molded, sanded, painted, and illustrated their "Angry Boat" (B had to try HARD to let Z do most of it, not so much because he wanted it to win as much as he was just having so much fun doing it) (I make fun of him for such things) and the Friday before Halloween, we went as a family (to the same beautiful church where Annie goes to preschool) to RACE.
Zane was just a teeny bit excited.
 We milled around for a little while, allowing Zane to take it all in, learn technique, etc. Then he raced and raced and raced.
 He never lost.
 Again, just a teeny bit excited.
(Gotta love the blue participation ribbons for everyone. We hope it helped the fellow to Z's right to feel a little better.)
 Later he raced Pops. Killed him.
The other fellow there in orange might have aided the win, albeit unnecessarily.When you're fast, you're just fast, what can you say?
After the evening was over, Zane asked two things:
first, are all pack meetings this awesome, and second, could we please get two rain gutters? and another boat? 
We've created a monster.


gaylene said…
that is so cool! our pine wood derby cars never EVER made it to the end.
Jenny said…
Our pack just had their first Raingutter Regatta, so fun! I enjoyed it more than the Pinewood Derby. A little less intense, and more "kid-built," at least for us!