Dancing Queen

Sometimes, an activity just fits.
A mom from Annie's preschool class volunteered to teach a dance class for free this semester.
Who does that anymore?
In the recent past, Annie has been too nervous/shy to want to be in anything like this. And so I  haven't pushed, even though I had a hunch she'd enjoy it. But for free? We had to go there.
Guess. who. loves. dance.
Loves it so much she had to teach Gramps all her new moves after her first day.
Loves it so much she has to skype-demo it to people, demand they try it too, then firmly correct them through the screen: "NOT LIKE THAT, UGH!"
Loves it so much in fact that all by herself today she asked the teacher if they were still going to have class, even after the recital.
We got to watch a little of the first dance today. The girls weren't supposed to talk during the showing, and Annie seriously followed the rules, except when she told me in a loud whisper: "REMEMBER THE NAMES OF THE MOVES MOM!!"
She must not know that Ballet 101 was one of only two classes in college in which I received a B. Not great at the names of the moves, people. Not great at the moves either.
So, it's bliss and I think my kid is the best one, and on and on. 
Annie says this great word right now, and I can't figure out how to right it down thanks to our crazy English language. It's gis-gusting, where both "g"s make the hard "guh" sound like "geek."
It's been quite a week. I think I hit the "4-month wall," where baby isn't a newborn anymore, so I can't blame his less-than-perfect habits on anything besides my own allowance of them. The day after I posted that glorious "at ease" shot, he wouldn't sleep for anything. Sure, it was hopefully the jalapeno, but there was no sleep and many tears. No naps, no rest. The next day he took a THREE HOUR nap in the morning, then nothing the rest of the day and into the night. I heard tell of another 4-month old who was *ahem* "sleeping through the night" and I about gave up. My fault, it was all my fault, it's always been my fault.
Then today came and Soren fell asleep on his own this morning, then took two more regular and great naps throughout the day, then went down nice and easy tonight. Perfection. Why am I not as quick to "blame" that on myself as well I wonder? Not sure, but I am quite thankful for days like today. Tomorrow, remember today okay?
Anyway, happy to get to the end of another week, happy to have dance and therefore a happy camper in Annie, and happy to be me.
Oh yeah, and happy to still be unable to get the parts of the picture in focus that I want to be in focus.
It's cool.


Ha ha! Ballet 101! I remember those days! (glad I was behind the piano....and paid to be there!) :) Those were fun walks too; from the Fine Arts Bldg to Half Acre!! Good times!

She sure looks beautiful and happy! It is so fun watching kiddos pick up on something they really enjoy! Melts a momma's heart!

Miss you guys! :)
walt or jean said…
Having seen those first few moves in person, I predict greatness! What can I say; I'm her "gramps."
Passé,Passé,Plié...remind you of anything? I miss your pretty face!
Passé,Passé,Plié...remind you of anything? I miss your pretty face!