A new kind of self portrait

I have been trying to capture Soren's "at ease" position for awhile now. Picture his chops resting on my shoulder, his eyes alert (until they're not alert), the rest of his body relaxed and happy to be tucked in close. It's like I've gotten to have a semi-permanent hug for the last 4 months. 
Sure, it gets old. The carpel tunnel is threatening, the back is aching, the belly is reminding me that sticking it out (in order to balance the slight back arch I'm doing to hold him here) isn't actually the way to get it to stop sticking out, etc. 
But I just can't resist when he hangs in there, so perfectly at ease.
I'm a sucker for a hug, what can I say?
On a different note, I'd like to remind everyone again not to cut open a jalapeno pepper and dig the seeds out with your fingers. Remember how I did that a few years ago? Did it again tonight, all the while thinking, "Man, remember when I did that thing a few years ago? What an idiot!" and then crying as my fingers and mouth caught on fire once more. MICHELLE!


gaylene said…
I really am sorry to have laughed at your expense -- and thanks for sharing your wisdom with us so we won't do the same thing to our fingers ;-)

Also, those compact baby body hugs are the best thing in the world. So sweet.