Radio Silence and Fall Festival

Well hello there. I have been quiet for days. B was out of the country for awhile, and I since I can't keep anything to myself, I thought I'd better stay away from the temptation of proclaiming it to the world on the blog.
Now he's home, life is back to normal, and all autumn festivities can begin!

We'll start with the elementary school's fall festival. We've definitely moved out of gator country and into tiger territory, as broadcasted below.

I accidentally bought 1,000 pre-order tickets (or at least it felt like that) so we had to split up and conquer. (Ha. Such an example of how my brain is working right now. I know there's a saying out there close to 'split up and conquer.' can. not. pull. it. up.) The boys bean bag tossed, the girls bounce housed. The boys ring tossed, the girls bounce housed some more. 
(Still flip-flop weather, thank heavens! What's this I hear about snow in the west?) 
Then we all met up for tic-tac-toe, sucker pull, tug-of-war, and archery. Archery was definitely the coolest part of the afternoon. Archery and cupcakes.

We waited way too long for an underwhelming kitty on both cheeks, then had to get out of there, ticket-supply-depleted or not. 
These leaves. Happy sighs all around.


Sharon said…
Divide! Divide and conquer! :-)
Tina said…
A few thoughts as I read:
1. Divide ( as the previous person noted)
2. Cute dress Annie
3. Archery and cupcakes are two of my favorite things, especially ones with neon orange frosting
4. Baby looks exactly like his daddy
Kjerstin said…
So, what you're telling me is that in tiger country you don't have to plan Halloween costumes that are roomy enough to wear OVER snow coats and snow pants? Flip's a good thing I like you so much or I'd be super DUPER jealous! ;)