General Conference Saturday morning

The weekend began with some camping.
This morning, while the dad slept and the kid played angry birds, I made these muffins from Barefoot Contessa. 
The babe cheered me on. He's a big fan of sugar and butter.
 Then we skyped a little and shopped a little, happily dodging most of the football traffic and making it home just in time for General Conference.
A temple in Tucson, hooray! The boys made something in honor of the announcement:
Actually, the lego temple building had been in the works for awhile. 
Brandon claims original copyright, if/when these get marketed.

Lots of fun. Except, what are we to do for the other three sessions? We only have one C3PO! 


katie said…
there are a few moroni-less other ones that don't have moroni on them. that looks awesome though. i'm so excited for when my little boy is old enough to do stuff like that with his dad :)
walt or jean said…
it'C3P0 in man clothes
Hayley said…
darn it! they beat me too it! The second I saw that lego picture my mind instantly was reminded a Zane.
"It's C3PO in a man suit!"
They is commonly quoted amongst our family when we drive by a temple (: