Fall Break Visitor, Part II

Along with my dad came many treats from Gigi, including this used-to-be-Zane's-then-Annie's-then-Lauryn's play gym for baby. Perfect timing, as Soren has now started reaching for things. Score!

Sunday included church where Gramps got to come to my ward choir practice (have I spread the news that I get to be choir director again? Does anyone know how to acquire loyal fans/participants in no time?) and we all got to hear Brandon speak. Then it was home for Sunday roast dinner and birthday cake for our now 5-year old lady. Lucky for me, she didn't remember all the very specific types of cake requests she's made over these last few months and a double layer funfetti out of the box with blue icing was just fine. We even added an "A" because we're so fancy.

She'd been waiting for this next moment for EVER, and wanted the lights out and the candles lit just so. "Now sing, people!" 
Happy birthday, sweet Annie girl! You have completely won us over; we're yours forever. Thanks for spicing up our lives. 
I think I mentioned that fall arrived over the weekend. Before heading to the airport Monday afternoon, we took one more stroll down our little lane and enjoyed the changing leaves. Sometimes (most of the time) I forget to get outside and look up. I'm too cold (or hot), too tired, too worried about the cars that could potentially pull out of each of those mailbox-ed drives below. So we all stay inside, too much. Therefore (Zane's newest word, exphasis on the FORE), it was nice to have someone beckoning us out to our own little slice of paradise. And look, no cars. Just happy children, beautiful nature, and Gramps.


gaylene said…
Tell Annie happy birthday from ash-a-lee! What a beautiful area you guys live in. Wow.
That baby is so cute, and looks so much like Annie I think.
I love your pictures of where you live. I dream of living in a luscious green area again- and I will probably be dreaming forever :)

P.S. we love your Dad.
Kari said…
These pictures just make me so happy! It's so gorgeous there! And that dad of yours is just so fantastic! =)
Kjerstin said…
"Now sing people" ... Love it! Glad your dad got to visit, sounds like it was wonderful!