Fall Break Visitor, Part I

My dad came for the weekend! We were all pretty stoked, especially Soren.
Actually, especially all of us. The kids LOVED having someone around for non-stop game playing. Brandon loved having someone to shoot the breeze (and solve the world's problems) with. I just love love loved having my dad around, with all his smiles and talks and encouragement. Dads are something special. Dad, we're so glad you came. Thank you!

The first full day of the visit was quite warm. We spent a lot of time outside, visiting with the neighbor's cat and soaking up the sunshine. At one point, Annie and my dad were having a conversation. He guessed something right and Annie exclaimed, "WAY TO GO, GRAMPS!" So "gramps" it was, for the rest of the visit and beyond. 

Then over the weekend it got a little "fall-ish." Cooler weather and sweaters accompanied us as we attended the neighboring town's autumn festival.

Millions of people, food, and crafts bombarded us. Usually we avoid these kinds of activities, but with Gramps there, it felt like a fun family adventure. 
Way to change our perspective, dad.
 The kids happily waited in line for the bounce house (running up trees, crying, shaking it off, repeating):  
 Then Annie got her face painted while Z spent his $5 on kettle corn.

Zane also participated in the sack race, which was totally awesome until he totally bit the dust (which I missed in the picture taking, bummer!).

We spent the last of our money on baked goods from the corner bakery (which exists even outside the one-weekend festival, which makes me very happy) and went on our way. Great day at the festival!
Tomorrow we'll touch on part II: Annie's b-day party + some of the outdoor scenes we enjoyed during the visit. My dad kept noticing what a beautiful place we live in. Thanks for the reminder, dad!


walt or jean said…
sounds like you all had a great time! glad gramps could come visit! :)