Z's baptism

In our church, kids are baptized at age 8. Last Sunday was Zane's turn. After church we gathered together with a small number of other folks to celebrate this wonderful kid and watch his dad baptize him. We giggled a little at how "quaint" it was--about 15 people in all, counting the 6 of us and much smaller than if we had been in Florida or with family in the west. But it didn't matter one bit and besides, it meant that I had to prepare way less food for afterwards. Score!

You could tell Z was extra excited because when I asked for one more picture, instead of furrowing his brow or saying, "Ahh" in that whiny way 8 year olds do, he busted out this huge grin with his huge teeth:

Don't worry though, he was back to his old self by the time we took a "family" shot after the baptism. 
Oh, there are so many funnies about this picture. My hair decided to come out and play, and not in a good way either. B's tie had come off 6 seconds prior and was NOT coming back on. Oh yeah, and his closed, closed eyes (in both pictures we attempted, by the way). Zane's suit jacket sleeves, so short; he loves that thing though, and would NOT wear the newer, appropriately sized one. Annie and grandpa letting us know how much they love pictures. Soren was finally asleep after crying in the hall (held by the bishop's wife so the rest of us could enjoy the moment) for most of the baptism. And did I mention my HAIR? :) Oh well, this is real life folks. Take it or leave it.
The only scandal of the day happened when we went into the kitchen after the baptism to find that the prepared chocolate chip cookies were MISSING! Apparently in this ward, people bring food for the homeless shelter every week, and if you don't mark your goods for other events, they get swept up and taken away! Zane's primary teacher, also new to the ward, who had MADE the cookies and I laughed/cried at our rookie mistake and everyone just ate the boring fruits and veggies I had brought and hidden in a cooler in the fridge. Another big whiny "Ahh" from Zane echoed our own sentiments.

Oh yeah, and one more funny to remember. There were lingering-after-church kids in the hallway when we were all eating and, true to form, a few "snuck" into the kitchen for our treats. Lucky for them, all there were to snatch were red bell pepper slices and grapes! And snatch they did, so funny.

We love our Zane man and are proud of him for being baptized. When asked if he had a good experience, he said, "Yeah, the water was warm!" At that moment, I was glad we weren't at the Bishop's pond on Bainbridge Island. :) We missed having all of you here with us, but we were thankful at least grandpa could represent. Thanks for the kind wishes from afar!
Later that day, we tried to make up for our "too real" family picture. Annie and grandpa actually look happy to be here in this one, no? This was after Annie had won her third or fourth round of disney princess memory. Her comment was, "Poor grandpa--he's not very good!"

And my hair calmed down and Soren boy woke up happy. Zane's black socks stayed to play on our walk, but it's cool.
We enjoyed the afternoon and evening with grandpa, then he took off early the next morning and we got back to real life. Lovely baptism day in our new home!


gaylene said…
Love the hair, love the suit coat sleeves, love the missing cookies :)
Ashley's been begging us to go to Zane's baptism. She'll be sad to learn we missed it...
Give him a fist-bump for us!
Jenny said…
Hard to believe he's 8! Special day, for sure. I know he would have felt just as warm in the Boundy pond, or the Puget Sound, for that matter. It's the warmth of the Spirit, right? :)
Maria said…
Lovely baptism day, indeed! Wish we could have been there, but it does sound lovely and quaint to only have a few there. What a nice day for Zane.
Lucky Day said…
The legend of the missing cookies in this ward is that a well meaning adult put them away. The young men were blamed for eating them. They were eventually found along with a roach infestations months later.
walt or jean said…
Thanks to Brandon for being worthy and willing to baptize your precious son. Thanks to Grampa Ross for being there. Hurray for Zane. We love you.