Z turned 8

We were a little worried about how the birthday was going to go down this year. Moving to a new town three weeks before your birthday = no friend party. Was our family's evening celebration going to be cool enough?
Good news. Thanks to the multiple sets of legos sent from near and far, as well as the sweet lego brick cake (constructed by pops the mighty, which means it was only frosted halfway, enough for a hollywood picture) and many calls from relatives, Z had a happy day. Phew. And then he built legos for days. And we played Battleship. Many rounds of Battleship.
(See the full disclosure back view of one of the pieces? Nobody has to know...)

Funniest story of the night: Brandon was done icing the cake and needed to add some sprinkles. We had just finished telling him how awesome/smart he was and were all ready to eat the awesome cake he'd busted out. But then he couldn't. quite. open. the. sprinkles. on. the. top. of. the. frosting. jar. Tried and tried and tried. Push, pull, poke, swear. Deena! 
Then he looked at the fine print.
Like we said, awesome and smart.
Z also got "The Indian in the Cupboard" and tonight we read the first chapter out loud. So cool to watch his face light up when Omri first heard a noise inSIDE of the cupboard!  


walt or jean said…
We've loved you for 8 years.