The west wing post

Beyond the black and white kitchen there is a black and white hallway and a door to something (mysterious) beyond. (I say mysterious because this is as far as the wireless goes, so even the skyped grandparents haven't seen this part very clearly.)
If I walk forward four steps from the above picture and look side to side, I see this:
The mud room with the hooks now also holds the BOB. Like an overreacting pet parent, I just can't keep the thing outside.
And the laundry is small but IT EXISTS and that is so totally awesome.

Back to the tour. If I open the door and step back again, I see this: 
Artists and ninjas, my friend. Mystery solved.

So here it is, the west wing. The bunk beds:

The art nook:

Looking back:  

Turning around once more, looking at the last little nook, then upstairs we go: 

Enter: lego kingdom.  This room was originally slated to be Zane's room, but once we got here, I was too afraid of him going up and down those stairs in the middle of the night. So he moved downstairs to sleep, but had been so excited about this getaway room, we couldn't take it from him. So it remains a lego land for now, and Brandon covets the space for an office, and I for a sewing room. 

Turning around once more, we finish the tour. We unearthed the Christmas train very early into this moving journey; the styrofoam has since been reclaimed as lego universe ruins. Oh, and there's the boxes and wrapping bubbles and Christmas stuff (holy moly we have 5 Christmas boxes--I didn't remember): 
And with that we have completed the tour! Took me long enough!
Now, a word about this little guy and his mother.

Any of you who have tried to interact with me lately might have found me to be a bit....distracted. A bit exhausted. A bit overwhelmed.  And because I tend to be over dramatic, some of you might be a tad worried about me. But I want to say, fear not, dear friends. All is well. Sure, I'm distracted and exhausted and overwhelmed. But this little boy has filled a void in my heart I've felt for a long time, and I am very at peace. He is so wonderful, so perfectly mine, so perfectly our little family's. He has begun to smile and coo back at us and it's soul filling. "Hey mom--you're doing great! Keep on keepin' on, I'm worth it!"

Nothing better.

Next: Z's birthday (happened), grampa R's visit (happening tonight), Z's baptism (happening Sunday).


Lillie said…
AHHH! I have missed way too much. You're in a house! Not just any house... a darling, WOOD floor house with all the charm in the world! It reminds me of the house on the Young House Love blog. I'm SO jealous. And of course you look as darling and skinny as before you ever had any kids let alone your very recent THIRD. And that gorgeous baby Soren looks IDENTICAL to Annie. Right???? LOVE you. Hope all is well.
Ginger said…
Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Somehow these babies fill us up and fill our broken hearts with everything we need to find joy.