Table Rock

Table Rock State Park (not to be confused with Table Rock, Wyoming) claimed to have this "nice and easy hike" up to a small waterfall. Almost a nature walk. 
They tricked us.
This was a beautiful yet very real (as in up and down and rocky terrain and slippery stones over streams as the trail) hike, in which I prayed quite heartily my husband (carrying Soren in the bjorn) wouldn't trip and seriously injure himself and my baby.
Answered prayers.
At one point, we let the kids take shoes and socks off and scale the mountain. One scaled a bit more than the other.
All in all, we had a great time, especially the kids who practically ran the entire way up then down. Zane was disappointed we hadn't gone on the "bigger hike to the top of the mountain." 
Next summer, it was decided.
We finished right in time to listen to a nature talk about creepy crawlers. Both kids got to hold a snake! (Yes afraid-of-everything-new Annie did it. So proud.) (Brandon wouldn't get within 10 feet of us.) (Hee hee.) 

Then afterwards we drove to this place for dinner that claimed fantastic BBQ.
They didn't trick us about that.


walt or jean said…
Annie and the snake. Wonder of wonder.