Late September Happenings

Here are some tales from our last few weeks.

We appear to be starting Soren early on the Thomas obsession. Can you say brainwash?
Annie got to be the first to bring home the show and tell can! I think that dimple is doing her well, she's gotten to be the "first" to do a lot of things at preschool.
Anyway, she was supposed to have a grown-up write three clues about the mystery object, but she insisted on writing them herself. You'll never guess what she chose to share...
Man, I have a lot of love in my heart for that sheep. Still working on lighting in the dining room though, forgive the weirdness.
Another preschool highlight: when they walk in the hall, they say, "Hip (one hand on hip!) and lip! (one finger "shh" on lip!) (With attitude now people! Hip and Lip!)"
Oh, and one more. Annie's taken to saying "Ah-men" at the end of prayers, because that's how they say it at her school. Thank you for the blessing of these nilla wafers, Ah-men. It's the same, but different, but the same, mom!
Tummy time when you're me is so brutal because the kid can't keep his head up so it feels like a struggle and I don't like my kid to struggle but if I don't make him struggle  he'll never be able to hold his head up. Stressful. :) The boppy helped this particular try.

Oh, those lips.
We went camping last weekend, are you kidding me? A few families from church were going, one with a baby two weeks younger than mine, so I couldn't use Soren as an excuse. Plus, temperatures are still in the 60s here at night, so we figured what the heck, we'll try it. 
How do I say this: boyfriend slept all night long. First (and only) time in his whole life.
We're trying to figure out if he was just cold enough to have to spend all his energy keeping alive but staying asleep, or if he was just warm enough in his blanketed car seat to dream and dream and dream. Either way, he slept all night. 
Plus, we had real food for both dinner (pulled pork sandwiches, genius!) and breakfast thanks to pot lucking with the others, and someone else was in charge of the fire! Score! And did I mention it was 40 minutes away? 40 minutes!! Because of all these things, I think I had the best camping experience yet. 
I was so awesome, I took pictures setting up and taking down. And that's all.
And Brandon is going to be so proud of me because I whited-out our license plate and the rest of you who actually know how to work photoshop can giggle because of how much it truly looks like white-out (as opposed to a chic fuzzing out or something else not-so-tacky).

Camping in South Carolina, check!
Lastly tonight, our baby found his hand last week. He uses it both for entertainment and for gnawing on between meals. It makes him very happy.
Time is running away from me! School schedules are set, exercise has begun (slowly), play dates have been happening for Annie, cub scouts for Zane, conferences in other cities for Brandon. And I should be sleeping, so peace out. 


gaylene said…
every one of these stories (and pictures) made me smile. I'm glad you guys are adjusting to your new life!
Ann Marie said…
Can't decide if I like Soren,' great pictures, the apple picking or baba the best. Just enjoy the entire post.