House Tour pt. 1

We've been here 3 weeks, I think. What in the world? I had better show you a peek into our new digs, so we can get on with the rest of our adventures! 
(I say that with a wink; we're pretty boring at the moment.)
Front and back of house

Kiddos playing on the back deck, second or third day here: August 17th

POD left Uncle Dave's in Utah...

 ...and arrived in SC no problem. Cute little thing, eh?

Ha! Not so cute all unpacked. We have a lot more stuff than I remembered. Annie's look says it all.

We unpacked, then played Monopoly, then unpacked, then played Monopoly. The cycle continues, even today.

While we unpack, the kids entertain themselves. Until it's time for more Monopoly. Argggg, Maitees!

This post could have also been titled, "And Soren gets fatter." August 18th:

August 20th:

August 21st:

I took one batch of room pictures 10 or so days ago, then wept at how many things still needed to be put away, in every room. Today, things are looking better, at least for 2/3 of the spaces. I'll show you "the west wing" soon.
Living room: front door on the right, facing the piano. We may or may not need half a room's furniture. It's cool.

Kitchen: love the window. love love love the window. and the dishwasher. and the disposal.

dining room, cute baby:

Annie and Soren's room. Except Soren still sleeps in with us and Annie prefers the top bunk in the west wing with Zane. It did work well for Lindsey this weekend though, I hope.

Our room. We figured out this room with its closets has as much space as half our apartment in Corry. Both back bedrooms and half the bathroom/middle room. No joke. We lay on the floor and do carpet angels in here, both because of the space and the carpet. The rest of the house is in need of many, many rugs.

No blue chair in the bathroom. Only disappointment so far. :)

I'll finish off the tour soon.
Then I'll tell you about the Eiffel Tower. 
Then Super Aunt Lindsey's visit. 
[Just in case you wondered how super Super Aunt Lindsey is, after saying goodbye this afternoon, Annie proclaimed while weeping, "I wish Lindsey was my mom." :) Quite an impression.]


gaylene said…
wow...a dishwasher! you're moving on up in life. Love the pictures -- your house is beautiful.
Ann Marie said…
It looks so great - and you have counter space! Love the counter space and cute kids.
Kjerstin said…
And these photos are proof of why I ask myself "would Michelle think this is cool?" when I decorate! Beautiful! Love the details, love the yard and fat baby! So, so, so happy for your room to stretch out a little :)
Heather Bigley said…
i just realized the dining room has the table in it. what do you think? does it work for the family? does it match the house? i miss that table.
The house looks great! I LOVE how green it is there, wish we had even 5% of that here :)
You will be able to take awesome baths with the chandelier over the bathtub, that is bathing in style!