Catching Up

I am all too aware that some of you have actually gone to the real Eiffel Tower. 
I try not to aich-ay-tee-ee you. :)
We had to settle fo second best, using a method taken from this cookbook, borrowed from the library our second day here, before we had the internet and so had to actually find other ways to keep ourselves entertained. (BTW, we have made the crepes and the breakfast muffins you can see in that amazon preview and both are totally awesome. Oh, and the ratatouille one from the first link. also great! amazing!)

Anyway when I say "we had to settle," I of course mean B and the old kids, with me and baby stealing some quiet time alone, then looking in on them when it was complete. Which is why this Eiffel Tower ended up with four stories instead of the original three:
I just asked Brandon why he did it that way, in three words or less. He said, "Because I could.."
That's what I get for asking a smartypants engineer to head the activity.

Whatever the reason, the kids had a blast. Maybe because more stories equaled more frosting, I'm not sure.
And more cookies.

Later we put Soren in the monkey and tried to organize the dining room while the kids ate more cookies and frosting. But he was so cute, I just ended up taking his picture.
Those feet!

Later, B took more pictures of the sugar cookie masterpiece, to be used in his concrete class later in the semester. Something about how some materials creep. Anyone want to translate?

Actually it's funny, because in the morning the frosting was hard as a rock so the structure stood strong, but some of the layers of cookies had actually separated from themselves and fallen off. The humidity here is incredible! 

My favorite quote of the night: Zane asked, "Mom, is the Eiffel Tower in America?" and Annie knowingly and cockily replied, "No Zane, it's in FLOR-I-DA!" Poor Annie, she's like her mom. All knowing and WRONG, most of the time.
Okay, enough of the tower business.

Lindsey came last weekend! Go Lindsey, Lindsey's number 1, all right!
The kids love Linds, won't let her out of their sight.

Have I mentioned that Soren keeps getting fatter? This one was taken on Saturday, September 1st, during our outing to historic Pendleton, down the road:

Lindsey became that third parent/game player/Soren bouncer-to-sleeper (on the exercise ball, thanks to you Megan Cook! You've changed our lives!) every family needs. Whenever she comes to visit, I'm reminded of the last line from Mulan. Someone asks the love interest if he can stay for dinner, then the grandma says, "Can you stay forever?"

Aunt Lindsey = happiness.


Ann Marie said…
Aunt Lindsey could have gone to the game with you. Her color scheme fit right in. The Eifel tower might not be in Florida but there is one in South Carolina now. Unless you ate the evidence.