We interrupt our normal schedule of events

to bring you Soren's first humiliation moment. Good thing he doesn't know better yet.

Annie was so pleased with herself. Zane thought Soren did it himself somehow. "That crazy guy...."

Speaking of Zane, he came home today talking about music class. "And we learned about this guy who was deaf and somehow still played great music!" 
"Oh, you mean Beethoven?" I asked. 
"Dave Tobin, right."
Dave Tobin it is.


Ann Marie said…
I listened to a little Dave Tobin yesterday - he is pretty good for being deaf.
Ann Marie said…
Actually he is amazing no matter the state of his hearing. Zane is right.
Alyson said…
Thanks for the posts. It was good to catch up. I can't wait to hear about your new home and neighbors. Congrats to Dr. Brandon. I'm impressed too.
Kjerstin said…
FYI, we've been cracking up about Dave Tobin for days!