Last Florida Beach Day

I will admit it. We went to the beach three days before we moved to a new state. Kinda how we went to the beach three days before we had a baby. 
Because why not?

We were supposed to meet friends there early in the morning, but because of some slowness in G'ville, we were late. Then we went to a wrong beach so we were double late. We would have been triple late if B hadn't busted it northbound for about a mile on a south-bound-only beach road. I asked him to obey the law and turn around, then added please. He said no. Silence for a minute, then Annie piped up, "Pops, when someone tells please, you're supposed to DO IT!" Best sound bite of the day. :) Anyway, right after the talking to from Annie, we arrived at the right beach and all was well. Pops had saved the day again and Annie got to play with her best buddy on the beach one more time, if only for 15 minutes. 
Remember the days when Annie was actually smaller than her BFF? Soren and his line backer genes have had an effect on all the rest of us.
She. Is. Ginormous.

Speaking of Soren, did you know it's a little absurd to take a 5-week old baby to the beach? Trying to keep the sun away was impossible, even with the umbrella. Trying to keep him covered but not over-heated was ridiculous. Trying to keep the sand from getting to us--silliness. 
Now forget I told you all of that and pretend like it was complete bliss. Because it was an awful lot of that too.

(Did I mention it was also difficult to take pictures? I got more than a few too-close-ups...)

So anyway, I basically sat in the shade with the baby the whole day while B played super dad to the big kids. He's good at that. 

We stayed forever. Had to keep moving the umbrella back as the tide came in. B would ask, "Are we putting this away or moving it back?" And I would think about how long we'd already been there, how sunburned everyone was probably getting, how hungry we'd be if we didn't leave soon. Then I'd say, "Move it back, just once more." We had that exchange three or four times. We stayed over 5 hours.
 I {heart} the beach.

The next morning, Z woke up completely sunburned (head face ears arms legs), all except his cheeks. 
"Brandon!" I yelled. "Didn't you put sunscreen on him like I asked?!" 
The reply came: "I handed him the bottle." 
 Then Zane added, "I put some on, yeah" and mimicked the motion he had done the day before, rubbing right over (and only over) the un-sunburned cheeks. 
Sigh again.
Even funnier/maddening, B came over and said, "I think the back of my neck is sunburned too!" (It was!) "I thought about my head but.." and he too mimicked the motion he had done the day before, right over the un-sunburned top of his head and forehead, stopping just above the now-beet-red neck area.
 These boys of mine. Drive. Me. Crazy.

So that was that. We will always remember with absolute fondness our times at these beloved Florida beaches.
 Even if the before, during, and after all have their iffy-ness. 
Happy Sigh.
Next up: SC!


walt or jean said…
Beautiful setting, gorgeous girls, buff boys, happy family.