Blessing Day + misc.

Before we start in SC, there are a few momentous G'ville events to log in. First, baby Soren was blessed by his daddy on Sunday, August 5th. Among other things, Soren was blessed with a contagious faith, a concern for others, and the ability to serve the Lord and teach others the gospel. 
Three cheers for our Soren boy!

Before church I made everyone go outside for pictures. I'm glad I did, because at church it poured buckets and our only picture had to be inside and blurry.
So, three cheers for me! :)
(One more three cheers for HB, who got S his handsome little blessing "tux." Loved it. Perfection in a white jumper. Even if boys don't wear jumpers.)

It was a special day, as we felt the Lord's love echo our own for this new little bundle. 

After the blessing, a wonderful gal in our ward came up (Tina W.) and asked his name again. When I said 'Soren' she said, "That's what I thought. When Brandon said it, I got chills and thought, yeah, just like he's always going to be soarin' to new heights!" I'm not sure she realized the spelling difference, but more importantly, I think she really captured how we feel. This baby is GOING places.

Sigh. Very special.
I'll save our other big event (the beach) for another post. However, I do have a few more things to say about this dude.
(taken August 2nd)

First, he doesn't like the binky. What in the world? Our other kids were easy to appease when upset with an inserted binky (ie plugged up), but not this one. He prefers the hold-him-upright-and-bounce-so he-can-look-straight-up method. Which means we spend a lot of time walking around with him, while he stares at the angels.

He is still waking up a couple of times a night, but has at least stretched the first stint out to 5-6 hours or so. So he'll eat around 9pm and then not again until 3. Which would really be awesome for me except that I don't go to sleep until about 11 or later. And truth be told, some nights he doesn't get the memo either and eats at 9 then stays up till 11. Walking-and-bouncing, walking-and-bouncing.

He is soothed by going outdoors. My other kids were born in cold places in the fall, so we didn't spend a lot of time outside. This one really enjoys it. As long as we are walking-and-bouncing, that is. :) I took him for his first stroll in the BOB this week, and that seemed to go okay..hopefully more of those will follow soon! And as this neighborhood is full of HILLS, I'm expecting to get really buff too. :) A girl can dream, after all.

He's already got his life planned out, as shown by the next picture:
Perhaps we should have moved to Alabama after all?

He loves his siblings. Zane calls him "that guy" and Annie calls him "big boy" and whenever they catch his attention, he smiles nice and big for them (just started last week, and it's so awesome). I'm very glad they aren't annoyed with him yet; goodness knows he's taken all my time and patience these last almost-eight weeks. Yet they continue to enjoy him, and he has managed to stay uninjured, despite the sometimes-REALLY-loving love he's received so far. 

Whenever he does this, I try and get other deena done:
Then he wakes up and I wonder why I didn't sleep when he was sleeping. Ack.

Have I mentioned how crazypants exhausted I still am? Being pregnant while B was gone so much last spring was rough. Still being pregnant when he was finishing up that dissertation, then having a brand-new little one while he was really finishing up and defending and graduating was double rough. But MOVING as in the actual get in the car and travel 450 miles with a newborn then try and piece together life again once we got here has completely bull-dozed me. It's a good thing he's so worth it. He is SO WORTH IT!
(Here's a preview from our beach day. Taken August 11th)

Okay, I think that's all I can think of for now. He talks to me while eating, that's one more. swallow coo, swallow coo, swallow coo. It's only at night too, as though he senses the quiet and can finally get a word in edge-wise. Swallow coo, swallow coo. It helps with the exhaustion. :)
One last shout out today. Our kids miss their friends dearly. I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures with everyone, but here are a few captures that haven't made it onto the blog yet:

On the first day of school, after Zane came inside, I asked him how school went. "It was pretty good," he said. "Of course (a little break in the voice here), it will be better when I make a friend. (Wipe of the eyes, a smile.) But it was pretty good." My heart aches for my brave little soul. We can do hard things.
And, point taken. We were blessed to be surrounded by many wonderful kids for our kids to play with and some fantastic big kids for us to play with as well. We love you all you dudes! Come visit!


Megan Cook said…
He (Soren) is so beautiful. Sol was a walk n bouncer boy. I'd hold him upright while sitting on an exercise ball and bounced and bounced and bounced...for days. But its what made him happy and I think it really helped my core. :) Glad you survived the move. You are awesome!!! HUgs
gaylene said…
oh, sweet Zane. I can hear him saying that. He's so cool, he'll make tons of friends wherever he goes :)
Angie said…
I'm so happy you guys made it to Clemson. What a wonderful place to be. Some of my favorite people are still there. I hope the new friends process goes quickly for Zane. And, by the way, you look absolutely amazing! Sure miss you guys.
Ann Marie said…
I think you get 103 cheers!!!
Ann Marie said…
I think you get 103 cheers!!!
Dashley said…
Oh I just love your sweet baby! Makes me excited for the next three months to be done. Sorry you are so tired! Wishi could come help. Good thing the awesome aunt Lindsey will be there soon! I am just a little jealous! :) :)