Tuesday morning photos

Tina's visit is almost complete so we thought we should bust out a few more pictures.

First, Zane. Still rockin' the blue wig, this morning he could be found singing along to the youtube video with lyrics of "DON'T STOP BELIEVING." He claims it's actually taken over the Rihanna song for best one ever. Phew. Thank you, Journey. 
Tina made pasta with meat sauce last night and mid-bite, Zane stopped cold. "Wow!" he said. "Awesome! Love it!" 
He then looked at me all surprised. I had to laugh and tell him it was Tina who made it, not me.

Last night, Tina was telling Annie about another 4-year-old girl she knows named Annie. 
"WHAT?!" Annie said. "Yep, and she has blond hair just like you!" said Tina. 
Annie then busted out with "YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT!" Awesome.

Soren likes Tina too, I promise. But he's mainly just sleeps still.

Feet out, so funny.