Real love is sharing Baa Baa..

It appears Soren is in the club.

Our Tina visit is over but here are two more memories:
He likes to eat toes, what can he say?

Tina introduced Annie to non-stressful cookie baking. She'll never be the same. "Mom, can we make cookies again?" 

I find myself trying desperately to hold on to each moment with this new little one. Time passes and I can hardly stand it. But then I remember they get even cooler as they get older. And I remember that we have new adventures to tackle. But they don't start for another couple of weeks. Until then, I'll stay in "enjoy this moment and this one and this one" mode for a little longer. Ann Marie will be here soon too--company helps me deny reality. Hooray for that.

ps: Annie just saw the above picture and said, "We should make some more cookies. For real."


Tina said…
"For real", no kidding Annie!