More words

Hee hee, could you tell Brandon wrote that last blog post? As few words as possible. :)

Hey, we had a baby! If you started to doubt it was ever going to happen, you were not alone.
Luckily, I was awoken Sunday morning about 4 am with some different (aka painful all over) feeling contractions and after an hour or so they were getting stronger and closer together. Woo hoo! B and I warned Gigi then left about 5:30am. Once at the hospital, I was hooked up and monitored for another hour in triage. The pain kept coming! It was so funny, because in between I'd be thinking "Please please please come back in 6 or less minutes, please oh please" and then when they would indeed come I'd immediately change to "Please please please go away quickly, oh please go go go away quickly" and on and on. Anyway, triage was the place I'd been sent home from twice before, and I think she would have sent me home again (because although the ouchies kept coming, they didn't ever go under the 5 minute mark) had she not checked and found me quite far along at the end of the hour (thank you body! 6-7 dilation is apparently the right number!)--that was when she said the magical words ("Let's get you a bed!") and I knew we were money.

We got into a room, got an epidural about an hour later, then rested (B=snored) for another couple (I dreamed about 3D chocolate in many forms). Around 11:30 we were ready to go, and at 11:46 am Soren Walter you-know-our-last-name was here. B noticed the one then TWO dimples (one maybe a little more faint than the other) almost immediately, as we were able to have some precious moments with the babe before they took and weighed him, etc. 8 pounds not 6 but 7 ounces, good gracious! 

And that is that.

Gigi came with the kids around 4pm. 
  (Didn't know both B and I looked so hammered at that moment--childbirth will do that to you, I guess.)

We stayed in the hospital for a little over a day, then came home and soaked in our last moments with our dear Gigi, who left the next day. We couldn't have made the transition without her. Superstar mama, thanks again so much.

When I got home from taking my mom to the airport, Annie had already made herself up, "just like Gigi," with watercolor markers. :) The influence was apparent.

So there you have it. More words, a few happy pictures, and many thanks for the kind wishes.
 Some have asked, "Why Soren?" To whom I say, "Why not?" And Walter is for my dear dad.
 Peace out for now, friends.


Maria said…
Oh, hooray! He's just perfect and you look beautiful! I hope that you're settling in and resting every chance you get! Just perfect. :)
Glad all is well :) He looks well adjusted already and the kids look so cute with him. Congrats, my friends!
Ann Marie said…
This is about my 8th time reading this blog and looking at pictures. I can relate to everything and think Annie looks especially charming. Soren sure looks like both children - definitely can tell he is yours.
Ginger said…
Like Loren, but with an S. Fabulous!
Kristen Miner said…
Congrats on a beautiful, healthy boy. He is so handsome and surrounded by so much love. You look so great for a newborn. I hope you were not one of those walking out in their skinny jeans. You probably were. All the best!