Hey look....

...It's Doctor R---!
Oh, wait, we're not supposed to use last names around here, huh?  Well, it's Doctor Brandon then. Weird!
Congrats to my incredible husband. As I sat in his defense and heard him speak an entirely foreign language with command and precision, I was again taken with his awesomeness. (Especially since, after the grueling thing was over, I asked him about it and he said, "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.") B, you just rock. Way to be such a great grown-up. And way to be such a superior dad and companion too. 
Now, don't get all excited and buy a '66 Land Cruiser or anything, ok? 
(Gotta love our sidewalk-chalk-graffiti-ed wall behind him..)

Speaking of what I do all day while Brandon is defending dissertations and putting together presentations for DOTs and finishing papers for publications (and all other such deena): this baby is 10 pounds, 8 ounces now! Beefy and beautiful!
Oh, those lips. :)

We are busy as can be, house sitting for some of our favorite folks while packing slowly and surely for our new adventure. Just a few more weeks in this beautiful swamp, then we're off! Computer time and picture taking time have taken a bit of a back seat in all of this--third baby syndrome? Resolutions to do better, at least with the pictures. And I promise the other kids (and myself) still exist too--everyone is happy to let baby S have the spotlight for awhile yet.


Heather Bigley said…
pretty great. you guys deserve good things!
Crystal said…
Congrats Dr.!!! Enjoy your last few weeks in the swamp and continue taking pics of the little one
Ann Marie said…
Beefy and beautiful - just like his dad (beefy) and mom (beautiful). Congratulations Dr. Brandon.
Ginger said…
Yahoo for the new Doctor! That is wonderful!