Happy Friday

Today we sat on the couch all day.
Back up.
Last weekend, our very kind friends who were moving away dropped off their couch for us to enjoy.
I think Soren was waiting for the couch to be ours before he could handle coming and living in our house.
 Our old couch was terrible. Really terrible.
Zane is a nice person and said he was going to miss it.

I will not miss it. Goodbye, old couch. Blech.
Anyway, so now we have this gushy, cool (in temp), comfy leather couch, just in time for lots of baby snuggling. Perfection.
Which brings me to today. 
Today, we sat on the couch all day.
And since we are photo blogging in almost real time, here's the proof:

When Brandon got home, we made him sit on the couch too, just to experience "today."
After I'm done writing this post, I'm going back to the couch. Thanks so much, now cross-country friends!

We are all feeling a little Gigi-withdrawl, so we DID move the two feet to the computer and skyped this afternoon. Annie knew we were real-time photo blogging and so suggested a picture.
Has there ever been a better picture of gigi, bampa, and emmygirl?
 It's like a commercial for JC Penney photography. You guys even coordinated outfits. I laughed until I cried. :)


Jenneka said…
I am SO HAPPY you are enjoying the couch. Todd and I still agree that it just wouldn't have 'worked' in this house - so we have no regrets about leaving it. We bought a humongous sectional at Costco yesterday, which WE are enjoying very much. In fact I 'slept' on it last night (AKA tossed and turned with a migraine) and it wasn't too bad. I miss the coolness and slipperiness of the leather but I know I'll be glad for the coziness of cloth in the winter!