Ann Marie's Visit

Ann Marie started her trip off by making Zane's dreams come true:

Or making his worst nightmares come true, what do you think?

That second ride scared the you-know-what out of him. He told me, "I just had to tell myself, 'I'm not going to die, because they wouldn't make a ride that kills people.'" Haven't we all felt that way on a ride now and then? Anyway, they had a great time, especially exploring Harry Potter World, complete with purchase-able owls and wands and butter beer (apparently they don't sell diet coke in Hogsmeade).

Once they all got home, Ann Marie took it upon herself to play thousands of games with Annie. She is a saint:

She also shopped, cooked, cleaned, and gave lots of attention to everyone in the house. It was wonderful. Hopefully she got enough holding time with this little buddy as well:

She bought Brandon a purple shirt:

And she helped me capture this moment. So so cute, especially with the leg sticking out the side:

We had a lovely time with grandma. Everyone wept when she left. I think that's a good sign, albeit a brutal one! :)

Here is one more series of pictures from this week. Annie is being very awesome with Soren--she seems to naturally know just the right amount of love and attention to give him. (Z has to be given a bit more direction--no, grabbing the head and shaking is not a great idea, Z.) Here are the two of them, laying on a blanket that belonged to my little brother Eric when he was a babe, snuggled up in a new blue blanket from grandma Ann Marie. Gotta love how the babe and the bear have matching gestures.

He's too big for that elephant onesie now. Sniff.

Just so I don't forget, a snapshot of my two other kids, this week:

  • Annie has fallen in love with hopscotch. So much that she hopscotches everywhere. Why walk when you can bounce, one foot, two feet, one foot, two feet, everywhere you go? Bounce bounce bounce. She also loves the Sesame Street version of Feist's  "1, 2, 3, 4" and spends several minutes singing and dancing along on youtube. Best new development? Most of the notes are on pitch! There is hope!
  • Zane has made his dad infinitely proud with this statement while building with legos. "I couldn't find this piece, so I had to use some others as substitutes. I was worried I would need them later, but I counted up what I had and did some MATH, and I think I'll be okay." He just did some math. It's cool.

 Speaking of Zane's daddy, guess who defends tomorrow? Everyone, pray pray pray! :)


Nick said…
I didn't know that bear blanket was still around!
smoore said…
Good luck to Brandon tomorrow!
JMG said…
My Mr. D is the same age as Z, and I have to say he is the one I could trust with Miss E from the beginning. I remember him asking to hold her when she was just a day old, I laid her in his lap and even walked out of the room. . .and they did fine. Now Mr. T who is coming up on 5 in the fall cannot be trusted! lol

Ginger said…
Don't get all excited. The defense is not the end. There will still be revisions. The horror...I know...;) He'll do fine, I'm sure! Yeah!!!