Flag Quilt Finished!

It took me long enough, no?

I ended up quilting-by-hand-embroidery using a walking stitch. I used 10 different colors. 
Because you know me and my color spectrum obsession.

I am really happy to have it done (and I'll be even happier after it's gone through a washing/drying cycle. One has to be patient when one only does laundry once a week). Hopefully this will just be the beginning of its presence on the blog, what with the soon-to-be appearance of the new baby and all. I'm over how much pink is in it. Besides, look at the backing!
No pink to be found!

Anyway, I wish it were easier to photograph (Thanks anyway, helpers!) but no matter, it's finished!


Rae said…
It's lovely! Man, I want to go raid my scraps now....
Alyson said…
Beautiful Michelle!
Tina said…
It's amazing. You're amazing. I want to ask if we can make a quilt when I come, but that wouldn't really fall into the category of "helping Michelle" would it?
It looks great! You really amaze me with your quilting skills.
I'm so happy for you! I't beautiful! I always love how you can WORK the color :)
Ann Marie said…
I actually see lots of blue in it. Perfect for a baby boy. What a lucky little fellow to be joining your family.