Fathers and Gigis

I'm a little late on my Father's Day post.
I thought I might have a baby that day. Didn't happen. I've thought it every day since. Hasn't happened. Sigh.
But we love our pops and why shouldn't we? I mean, look at him.

Brandon, you have air-guitar SKILLZ.

And guess who else is here, making our lives happy and complete and wonderful while our pops works his you-know-what off, trying to meet his deadlines? It's our beloved grandma Gigi (she's the one who purchased the wigs, which led to an impromptu "let's find Journey on Youtube" dance party earlier today). 

You know the song about Mary Poppins? It's how we feel about my mom, 100%:
"Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Gi-gi. Gigi makes your heart so light. When the day is gray and ordinary, Gigi makes the sun shine bright!"  

She'll even pose with me in a 38 week prego shot (picture taken by Annie, so it's a lil' blurry), even though it is obvious from the picture that I am only TRYING to be happy about that 38 week mark, when in fact I am OVER IT. BABY BOY, it is TIME to come. 

In the meantime, we've been having quite a fun week. :) 
Best discovery so far? Gigi and Brandon sing great in-the-car duets to Michael Jackson. Makes Zane throw his head back in delight.


Oh this is such a fun and happy post! We definitely want to see a video of those two singing in the car! We can't wait to see the post about your new arrival!! (hopefully sooner than later). ;)
Tina said…
38 weeks?! I can hardly believe it. You don't look an inch past 35.
Ann Marie said…
Who knew my serious student of civil engineering had music talent too? Michelle you must be rubbing off on him. What a lovely post about your mom.
Hilary said…
Brandon cracks me up! Love the wigs! Hope you are still having fun and hanging in there!