1st grade first day/last day comparison

Look at this kid! He got bigger! Also, note to self: when taking a comparison picture, try and position/clothe subject similarly. 
Otherwise, it's too difficult even to compare; this is just altogether a different boy from left to right.

A few more remember-worthy details: 
  • The shoes from the first day are still with us. They have holes where the rubber meets the fabric all the way around the front (so you can open the front of the shoes like JAWS), but Z loves them so we still have them. We started making him wear the tie shoes only the last two weeks or so. Second note to self: teach son to tie shoes this summer.
  • On the last day, Z got to wear "pjs." We have a code name for acceptable pjs (remember his acute self-awareness)-- they are "jammies that don't look like jammies." These fit the bill that day.
  • When Z jumped off the bus on the last day, he had tears in his eyes. "My eyes are just watering for no reason! I can't figure it out." He then ran home, into my room, and bawled. Nice fellow.
 So yeah, school's out for summer! Heavens, I love not having to wake up until AFTER 7 am. Now we're just chilling, seeing friends and building legos and blowing bubbles, waiting for this baby of ours to make an entrance.

Speaking of baby, I will admit the silence on the blog has a little to do with my attempts to not complain so much. It has definitely been an anxious couple of weeks, as B has finished up his out-of-town research and I have crept ever closer to 37 weeks, a milestone I will hit tomorrow! And as Zane was born at 35wks (and some days) and Annie at 37, I will admit to feeling like I'm about to be in new and strange-to-me territory. I can't figure out whether to celebrate and continue marching towards my due date (who knew?) or start LITERALLY marching again (high knees!), just to get to labor/make all the aches and pains and worry be done already. My mom comes tomorrow. (!!!) If I can make it until then, maybe she can help me figure out the next step.

Until then, we'll keep enjoying summertime activities outside AND in:

(I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.)


Hayley said…
hang in there!
B makes me laugh, haha that is such a dad thing to do!
Ann Marie said…
I think I love photo booth even though I had never heard of it before. So glad help is coming and the baby too1
Nick said…
Tell Zane that it doesn't get better. Almost 27 years old and I still don't know why I get tears in my eyes...almost everyday for one reason or the other. ha! We must be related.
Nick said…
PS: Get that girl in dance class! She has got a great line going there. :)
Hilary said…
Oh my goodness. Brandon cracks me up! :) I too love when school gets out. There are few things I hate more than having to wake up early and get kids out the door! So glad you made it til your mom is there. See, this is going to be a great kid. :)