Summertime is here!

I mean right? The temperatures are UP, the watermelons are only $4.99 each, and it just FEELS different.
Too bad the schools haven't heard and class is still in session for two more weeks. I am ready to be DONE.

I'm also ready to have a baby. I know I know, it's absurd. Nevertheless, I get really ridiculous around this time of pregnancy. 33+ weeks and I'm ready to be done, even though in my right mind I know I have to at least get to that 37 week point (almost four weeks from now! ack!) before it's even safe, let alone the "right" time. Ridiculous too, because even if baby is willing to wait and come around 37 weeks, I'll still be almost a month earlier than many "normal" women have to go. Still, the symptoms are gaining, the discomfort is on the rise, and basically, I'm ready to eat watermelon and call it summertime.

But never fear, dear readers. We will continue to send Z on the school bus for two more weeks and I will calm down and hold my pregnant horses.
They're heavy, those kind of horses...


Alyson said…
I feel your pain! Hang in there. Adam and Isaac were 32 weeks 5 days and that caused lots of problems. You can do it!!!!