One Final Beach Hurrah...For Now

A little while ago, a friend invited me and the kids to one more day at the beach together. We all fit in her van (barely!) so it was an easy "yes" on my end. Happy I did it too, because I think out-of-town trips are finished for now.

We left pretty early in the morning and were able to enjoy some wonderful-yet-not-so-brutal sunshine. The big boys went straight out to the ocean (much warmer than I expected), but the littler ones were content to stay and play in the sand and bubbles. I couldn't get enough of the puffy white clouds and blue skies.

Clouds started to roll in later, but it didn't rain on us. It was crazy windy though, so the boogie boarding was not successful. Oh well, body surfing is just as fun sometimes (even when the undertow is strong enough to knock you over--my nice friend was the "water parent" and she was surprised by its strength that day).

The other pastime of the day was building a series of water tunnels, all emptying into one big reservoir:

Much cooler than a sand castle.

A highlight for me was watching this kite boarder. He set up all his gear right near us and ran straight into the water to enjoy the crazy winds of the day. Then about 30 minutes later he came back and spent the rest of the morning with his kids. It was awesome. 

This was probably the best picture of the day. It's the face this little lady gave her mama anytime she heard her say, "Okay, I'm going to go and help so-and-so while you stay here with Michelle for a minute." Not going to happen. :) Reminded me of my own little stern-browed creature. :)

Friend J, thanks for treating us to a wonderful day at the beach! We will cherish the adventures we've had with you and your sweet family. (ps--is that hat fantastic or what?)


Ann Marie said…
Yea for the beach. So glad you all got a final (for a little while) Hurrah.