Happy evenings

We've been down at this field/playground an average of three times a week for the entire spring. Soccer (organized and run week after week by caring, fantastic dads) (supported and watched by other caring, fantastic dads and moms) and capoeira for Z, swings and rocks and plastic-toy-turned-forts for A. Happiness (and heat) for everyone (and it's not getting any cooler, Michelle).

Tonight was extra steamy. Something about those tropical storm downpours we've been having. The kids don't seem to mind the heat as much as the pregnant ladies.

As the school year finishes up, most folks are preparing to move (some already have, all the way to Mongolia!). This little group will have to represent the rest for now:
I hope Z looks back on this photo and remembers how much fun he had this year (this truly special year), with these boys, and their dads (including his own when he could make it!), on this field.

And I hope Annie continues to hold on tight. 
As for me, I'm almost to 35 weeks and counting! We've all got to hold on tight!