Curriculum Fair, Singing, and Ice Cream

Remember my lamentations about Zane's new self-awareness? It came up again this week, as we talked about his school's annual Curriculum Fair (aka get the parents to the school so they'll buy books from the book fair). This year, the 1-3 graders were set to SING with the school's chorus in between the international food festival and the classroom displays.

Zane did NOT want to perform. To the point of being weepy about it all week. When asked why he said, "You know, there will be so many people there, looking at me while I do it! What if I mess up a word or something?" Poor buddy. He was tormented. However, he wanted to go for the eating, and the classroom displays, and OF COURSE the book fair (conveniently open throughout the evening), but the singing thing was too much.

So yesterday afternoon, I tried some good old fashioned bribery. I told him that I would love to hear him sing, that he didn't have to look at anyone but me, and that if he would be brave enough to do it, we would go out for ice cream afterwards.

Too much guilt? Not sure, but he came marching in a few minutes later, stoic and somber: "I'll do it for ice cream." There's a good boy.

So, we went! First, we enjoyed food from all around the world (someone told us that 1 in 5 of Finley's students were international ESOL students) which my kids actually ate, I couldn't believe it, then it was on to the book fair.

Zane actually decided against any books (too expensive!), so we headed out and waited for the dreaded singing program to begin. Oo, it was a little painful for him. But he did it! He turned sideways and looked right at me the whole time, a pained expression present, but singing his heart out nonetheless. The rest of us looked on lovingly.

At the end, he couldn't really take it any more. Too loud. Too hot.

But he did it, and I was very proud of him. And after a quick stroll through his classroom, we went ice-creaming at our favorite ice cream place, Sweet dreams.

Net good evening, I'd say.