Bows, Babies, Singing

A while back, super sister-in-law Tina asked if we could use some hair bows she'd made that her daughter had outgrown.
Tina, what do you think, we using them enough?

Onward. I'm 32 weeks this week! When I look down, this is what I see now.
 It's okay if you just "whoa"ed me. I just "whoa"ed myself.

Week 32 and all seems to be well. I am not feeling crazy abdomen pressure like I was with Annie at this point (hello Michelle, contractions!) and there was no mention of "bed rest" anywhere. Phew. We've got to make it at least until week 37, when Brandon is finished testing large beams in Tallahassee. Him working 2.5 hours away just isn't feeling very reassuring at this point. 

Anyway, baby has the hiccups as I type, and it's right in beat to some of the songs on my Pandora station. Pretty awesome.

Oh yes, which reminds me of the point of this funny post. 

Zane's been wanting to expand his repertoire of times tables. So far, he knows 1s-5s. 3s are thanks to a song that I can't remember at the moment (something like 'row, row, row your boat') that he learned at school.

6s were maybe going to be tough, until we thought and thought about another song we could use. The kids are still big fans of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida," especially the violin part at the beginning (dun-dun-dun-dunDUN-dun-dun-dun dun) and the "oh-oh-OH-oh-oh"s of the chorus. It seemed to fit right into place.
First, the violins (:00 to :07 in the video): six, twelve, eighteen, TWENty four, thirty. Thirty six, forty two, FORty eight, fifty four.
Then a loud "SIXTY" to transition.
Then the chorus ohs (3:00-3:12): si----xty six, se--------venty two (I told him he could stop there, he kept going.) se---venty eight. eigh------ty four.
And on and on.
Did you get all that? six, twelve, eighteen, TWENty four, thirty. Thirty six, forty two, FORty eight, fifty four. SIXTY!  si----xty six, se--------venty two. se---venty eight. eigh------ty four.

Later tonight, I was showing him the 9s trick (you know, each single digit in the number adds up to 9. 1+8, 2+7, 3+6, etc). He sat quietly for awhile, then busted out the Imperial March song (you know, the dun, dun, dun Darth Vader song. Start at about :10 in this video and go until :27).
"Nine, eight-teen, twen-ty sev'n, thir-ty six. For-ty-five! Fif-ty four! Six-ty three! (Go high here). SE-venty TWO! Eigh-ty one! Ninety, Nine-ty nine! One hun-dred and eight, WE ARE DONE."

Yeah, no more "row row row your boat" for us.
Don't be intimidated if you come over and have to join us in such singing. Annie does it with us and just fills in her own random numbers (and her own notes too...).

Sigh. Math geeks, we are. Math geeks with hair bows and bellies.


Jenneka said…
Ah, Michelle, thanks for helping me smile this morning. I sure needed it. Great post. Happy Mother's Day.