Where's your happy place?

It's not hard to love the beach, right? I find I live for it, actually.
Mainly it's the breeze, the coolness under the toes, and the SKY. Oh yes, and the exhaling.

 (Here are our happy hosts. They know how to work really hard, but they know how to exhale too. Thanks for the tutorial, friends. And the donuts.)
(Here we are, the happy soaker-inners. I know B's eyes are half closed. He knows it's not about him. 27 weeks, documented.)

Now if only I could find a way to capture that feeling, that exhale. I could really use some regular relief from my life. From mySELF.

Here's something ridiculous. At first, I really went back and forth about staying for a couple more days. I couldn't let go of the "things I needed to do back home." We have a schedule to keep! Commitments to uphold! Turns out, people understand about rescheduling commitments when you're on SPRING BREAK. But breaks and vacations and exhaling are for other people, not me. Right?

Sigh. I am a funny girl. And I'm so glad the kids and I decided to stay a little longer. To soak up that SKY a little longer.

So now I'm curious, where are there other happy places to be found? 
Is there a way to be transported there, without traveling to a Florida beach?

If there is, can I still come back anyway?


Jenny said…
Oh yes! Kayaking on the serene waters around Bainbridge Island...HUGE exhale! Next time you come visit, I'll take you out and we'll just float...and exhale...
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