Toy Story

You all know Baa-baa, right? The beloved companion of my very loyal and needy 4-yr old? Yeah, he's a big deal around here.

Well, he WAS a big deal around here. Then last Wednesday, we returned home from our 4-day (kidless!!) stay in Clemson and introduced Annie to a new member of the family. 

Enter the Darth Vader music. Say hello to the Clemson "Tiger." 

What can he say, he stole her heart. 

It's been a bit of a Buzz/Woody situation ever since, Annie enjoying the old, but REALLY enjoying the new.

And I will admit, I've been feeling a little sorry for Baa Baa guy.

Fast forward to today. We have the coughy yucks around here, and I've been begging Annie to come back to bed for extra rest in the morning, after we send Z off on the bus. Today, she went for it. 

When I went in a little later, I had to smile. Sighs of relief. Everything was in its rightful order.

See Baa Baa, we'll never let you go.

ps--We found a lovely house to rent! Holy holy moly, what a relief and a half.