Spring Fling 2012

Last Saturday was our combined-village annual Spring Fling. Here are pictures from other years to compare.
This year didn't disappoint!
Games, sno-cones, and this year, FACE PAINT. I was so proud of Annie for overcoming her fear of all-things-on-her-face and busting out some beautifulness. 

The slide was back for the big boys, but I was too busy taking pictures of the aforementioned face paint to witness it. Here's some after-proof:

The other addition to this year's fun was KARAOKE! Someone was more enthusiastic than someone else.
Heaven help us.

Look, the girls got brave too (and B couldn't keep himself away). 

 The weather was just perfect this year, the company was great as always, and a fine time was had, as seen in the red teeth and lips below.

We will miss this next year.


Tina said…
Here are my thoughts as I read this post:

- Oh cute dress on a cute girl!

- Impressive face paint!

-Holy cow, what is Brandon doing near a microphone, unless by some chance he's singing "In the Leafy Treetops"!!
megfutbol said…
Love that last pic! Kieran has NEVER wanted to get his face painted, hates even the mention of it. Wasn't too fond of dress-up or hats either, so it's been fun to have Brendan tearing around the house in a tiger suit, or asking me to give him whiskers. Looks like so much fun, wish we were there!