One more WOW look at the beach

I have this big batch of *magic* beach shots (magic because they weren't taken by me) and I was trying to figure out how to mix them in with my normal ones.
 I just couldn't do it. 
So today, here's one more glorious spattering of happiness. Tomorrow (and the next and the next) there will be more, but they will all be mine.

We are home now, but so grateful for the opportunity to have visited such a wondrous place. The kids were in heaven. The pregnant people were in heaven. (Thanks to some real rest and rejuvenation, I actually think I might not die of exhaustion after all.) The dads were heros. The moms (especially the non-pregnant mom) were heros. Thank you thank you, you nice friends.

If you come to Florida for a beach vacation, don't come and see us in Gville. Instead, head straight to the gulf coast. You won't be sorry.



Kjerstin said…
Sooooooo beautiful!!! I love, love, love the one of Annie, kinda far away with the blue striped shirt, looking oh so serious. They're all stunning! Looks like a perfect vacation :)
Alyson said…
Careful Michelle. Someone will see your pictures of Annie and ask her to be a model. They look beautiful!!!
megfutbol said…
So happy that you got a relaxing get-a-way...and yeah, more than a little jealous. Annie is quite the model, and you look gorgeous yourself, but my absolute favorite is teary Annie with doting dad Brandon, what a beautiful moment.
Stunning photos!!
Lillie said…
whoa! there are so many beautiful pictures in this post! So much pretty sun flare. And that shot of Annie in her blue and white stripes close up with crystal clear eyes is amazing. I don't believe a word of her being hard. ;) Poor thing cries because Mila's telling on her for lightly hitting her HAND.. like a high five (Lacy tells me later!) while Mila was persuing her, hands up, pretending to be a zombie. I'm sorry she was subjected to my Mila. She seems like such a sweetie!

It was so fun to see you. xo