Finley Fun Night take 2

I'm beginning to enjoy these "happen every year" events. 
The comparison pictures of the littles are incredible--who knew they grew and changed so much year to year?

Last year, Z's spring carnival was on a pleasant Saturday morning. 
This year, it was a blazing hot afternoon (all temperature checks might be over exaggerated by this pregnant lady).

Annie and Zane both got a little 40-ticket card. Annie's was finished in 15 minutes flat. Zane took 90. 
(By the way, recent Annie-isms: "Mom, did you know ART-ANTICA is a COOOOLD place? And I like that place, because I like ART!" and "I don't like all these uh-spon-si-bur-buries!" Clearing the art table and cleaning one's room is almost too much for her to bear. But back to the evening...)

Old standby/favorite #1--RING TOSS
Z actually threw one that landed on a Diet Coke. Victory! 

Best son ever.

Old standby/favorite #2--COTTON CANDY (and sticky cheeks)

Old standby/favorite #3--BUDDIES
Part of why it took longer for Z to finish his ticket card is that he wanted to wait for some friends to "pop in" before he started. 

Later, his dad tried to give him tips for saying hello to his still-favorite-female-at-school friend. "Just go on, say hello, and give her a Cheeto!" B said. Zane and a friend snuck up to her, chickened out, and ran back saying, "Let's just eat the cheetos ourselves!!"

Later they got up their courage, and I grabbed a picture.

Ooo, I scored points with him for that picture.

One more standby/favorite: THE BOUNCE HOUSE
I have a story for this one that will basically make you happy I didn't snap a picture. As the boys were going in, a large and stinky kid who had just gotten done advised them, "Just hide your candy in your socks, boys! That way, no one will steal it!" You got it kid. I promise not to take anything out of said socks. Yech.

New this year: FACE PAINTING
Not as fancy as last weekend, but still a hit. 

Also new this year: Annie decided she could do the monkey bars, and proceeded to do ALL the monkey bars. Who is this child? 

(Look how the face paint is disintegrating. See, it WAS crazy hot out there.)

I made B take a "Michelle was there too" picture and it came out awesome! My belly is smaller than I thought! I thought.

Then our picture-taking friend sent me this next picture, along with the earlier seen ring toss/victory ones. 
Thanks for keeping things real, dude.

30 weeks, documented, one way and another.
Another year of fun, Finley-style! 


megfutbol said…
Awwwww, you look gorgeous!
Jacob said…
These pictures are great Michelle!